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Eastcote Studios Blog Vol. 3

A few words on the future of Eastcote Studios:

The first time I came to London to record was in the early 90’s working with my friend Nick Whitecross. He suggested we go to a studio called Eastcote Studios that he liked. It was built and run by his friend and sound wizard Philip Bagenal. We booked studio 2 and it changed the way I thought about recording. Studio 2 was essentially a living room with huge windows out to a beautiful courtyard that had been equipped with recording gear. It had a couple of small booths attached for loud things like drums and amps. Depeche Mode had recorded in that very studio!

The vibe was amazing. I went back to Stockholm and built a new studio inspired by my experience. In 1996 I moved permanently to London and set up another studio with a similar setup. My career as a songwriter and producer went better than I had ever expected and in 2002 we started building Kensaltown Studios. A whole complex of recording spaces of different sizes, all with daylight and great communal space to hang and meet other musicians and artists. Kensaltown has a balcony overlooking the same courtyard as it’s neighbouring recording studio…….Eastcote. It was full circle.

Since then it’s been great being next door with Philip and Eastcote. We’ve helped each other out when gear broke down, or when we needed to borrow a synth or instrument or a cv-gate converter.... While Kensaltown has always centred around my writing and production work, Eastcote was one of the last fully commercial studios left standing in West London. At Kensaltown we were busier than ever and from the balcony we’d see Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons and so many others come to record at Eastcote.

It’s been an amazing past 15 years here around our little courtyard between Kensal Road and Conlan Street. When Philip decided to wind down after close to 40 years at the helm we spoke about the possibilities and I am proud to say that Kensaltown has now acquired Eastcote.

Eastcote Studios will keep operating as usual with Philip overlooking the maintenance and George Murphy head engineer. Julie Bateman will stay on as our studio manager for both Eastcote and Kensaltown.

I’m looking forward to many more years of creating great music at Eastcote and please feel free to contact us with any questions and enquiries.

Martin Terefe

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